The long-rumored Starbucks app that lets your order and pay for coffee from the comfort of an app is finally real. If you live in Portland, Oregon.

The new app lets you scroll through the coffee chain's menu, choose what you want, select a store to pick it up from—not necessarily the closest one—and then pay from your phone. Before you ask, yes, you can still order whatever strange, obscure variant you normally choose—quadruple shot, almond milk, hazelnut syrup or whatever the hell else it is.


Then, saunter into the appropriate Starbucks branch, whisper your name into the ear of a barista, and you should get your drink. Hey presto, coffee, without having to wait in line or speak to another human for any length of time. The feature is now baked into the iOS Starbucks app, so if you live in Portland, you should update it and try it out. It will roll out on Android and work nationwide by the end of 2015. [Starbucks via Oregon Live via Engadget]

Image by Nicola under Creative Commons license.