You Can Now Pay at Wal-Mart Using Your Mobile

Wal-Mart is joining the mobile payment movement. But instead of embracing existing Android and Apple systems, you’ll have to use the store’s own app if you want to purchase your stuff without taking your wallet out.

Wal-Mart Pay—perhaps not the most original of names—works with any iOS or Android device, because you just need to be able to install Wal-Mart’s generic app. You’ll find an option to set up Wal-Mart Pay and from there you’ll simply have to scan QR codes to purchase items. It’s a pretty clunky implementation of mobile payment, but it does at least mean that you can use practically any phone and credit card combination at any check-out lane.


The service will be available in select U.S. stores from today, and then across all U.S. stores by mid-2016.


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