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You Can Play This Tiny Keyboard With Your Gestures

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Keys is a MIDI keyboard, built with aspiring piano students in mind. It's a pretty small guy, making it a great traveling companion (who says you can't play a keyboard by the campfire?). But the coolest thing about Keys is it incorporates gestures—so you can travel up and down octaves by just waving your hands.

The company's first music tech creation was the gTar, a light-em-up, button-mashing "guitar" that was a hybrid between a Guitar Hero controller and a glorified iPhone dock. Three years later, the gTar's creators are applying the same philosophy to keyboards.


Aside from those cool gestures, you can daisy chain more Keys together using magnetic connection tech, and it's also outfitted with CoreMIDI so making music with whatever app you want shouldn't be much of a problem.

Keys is up for pre-order with a discounted price ($88), which seems like a pretty minimal investment if you always wanted to learn the ivories...without the actual ivories.