I know! You didn’t buy anything for Force Friday because you’re practical: You were holding out for something really useful when it came to Star Wars merch. When winter comes and your bedroom is as cold as Hoth you’re gonna need a blanket. Why not have it be one of these Star Wars Pendletons?

Just like Pendleton’s other products these blankets use patterns to tell famous stories, except these are stories that only nerds will truly understand. The blankets include designs for each film in the original trilogy, plus a fourth for The Force Awakens. And yes, these are limited-edition blankets; only 1,977 of each design are being made (if you don’t know why 1977 is significant you don’t deserve one). They’re $249 each (about the cost of a regular Pendleton blanket) or all four for $1,200 with some commemorative extras. But look! When you put them all together...

That might seems pricey but when will you ever have the chance go full Sith on your bedroom decor. One for each season! You could also pair these with Pottery Barn’s reissue of the vintage Star Wars sheets for a bed you are pretty much guaranteed to never get laid in.

Here are all four blankets. Can you guess which one goes with which film?




From top to bottom: The Force Awakens, Return of the Jedi, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back