You Can Buy That Magic '100 Water Balloons in a Minute' Rig Soon

Remember that amazing invention from earlier this year that let you fill and seal 100 water balloons in just a minute—without having to tie a single knot? It started life with a ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign, but according to the folks at Blaster Labs, its creator recently signed a deal with Zuru, the folks behind those X-Shot Blasters, to exclusively bring the Bunch O Balloons to market next year.


The Bunch O Balloons generated quite a bit of buzz this past summer, and updates to the Kickstarter campaign seemed to indicate that its creator wasn't quite anticipating the demand for the product. And by teaming up with an existing and well-established toy maker like Zuru, it will help ensure that once the summer of 2015 arrives, stores will be well-stocked with the Bunch O Balloons. Let the battle for soaking supremacy begin—once the winter's over. [Zuru via Blaster Labs]

Photos by Blaster Labs

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