As long as you're not chugging hydrochloric acid, your fragging thirst quencher of choice shouldn't be able to fry the impending AZiO's Levetron Mech4. The look's not for everyone (MechWarrior fetishists notwithstanding), but the spill proof guts sure are.

Even if you're not trying to shoot someone in the face, the odds are decent that you've got a glass or bottle of something near your computer. And knocking it over can put an end to your circle-strafing or email typing in a hurry. That's why AZiO sealed the Levetron's components, and added drainage channels too. Spill away.


And if you don't want that bulky numpad or the macro buttons up top, thankfully, they're detachable. I like my keyboards liquid-repelling, but I don't like them bloated. [AZiO via MaximumPC]