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You Can Turn Any Surface Into a Touchscreen With a $150 App

Ubi Interactive and Microsoft have been working together to develop software which can—with the addition of a Kinect and projector—turn any surface into a touchscreen. Now, you can buy the app that powers it for $150.


That might sound expensive, but this is a first step on a long road and, besides, it's kind of aimed to enterprise use in the first instance anyway. That's apparent in the sales model, too: the basic $150 app supports screens up to 45-inches, while professional ($380) and business licenses ($800) provide 100-inch support. The number of supported touch points increases with pricing, too—from just one on the basic version, up to 20 on the $1500 enterprise edition.

The app runs on any Windows 8 PC and supports Microsoft's touch-friendly Metro interface, with the Kinect studying the surface illuminated by a projector, responding to gestures from the user. The software has been beta tested by 50 organizations, but Ubi is now taking orders for the software. SO if you have a Kinect, projector, and a hankering for a touch-sensitive wall, now you know what to do. [Ubi Interactive via CNET]

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Greg the Mad

That would be nice for vandalism-proof public displays.