You Can Wait a Few Years For a Tesla—or Build This Magnificent Lego Bugatti Chiron Yourself

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Two years ago, Lego rolled out one of its largest and most complex Technic sets ever with its 2,704-piece Porsche 911 GT3 RS. But that car looks about as exciting as going for a Sunday drive in Grandma’s sedan now that Lego has finally revealed its long rumored (and teased) Technic Bugatti Chiron.

With 3,599 pieces, 895 more than what went into the Porsche, the Bugatti Chiron features even more detailing and functionality, including a miniature replica of the W16 engine (with working pistons) that powers the real-life version of the car to 261 miles per hour. Your replica is probably not going to hit those speeds without disintegrating, but a working eight-speed gearbox with paddle shifters will at least help you to pretend that it could.


Other features of Lego’s Bugatti Chiron are more standard for a Technic set that will set you back $350, available starting today. The doors open and close, the steering is functional, there are working shocks on each wheel to absorb tiny bumps, inside you’ll find a detailed cockpit, and under the hood there’s a tiny bit of trunk space designed to hold a custom Lego Bugatti overnight bag.


Few of us will ever be able to afford the real Bugatti Chiron’s $2.5 million price tag, or possibly even the Tesla Model 3's $35,000 base price. But that’s just fine. You don’t need insurance to buy Lego’s latest four-wheeled dream machine, and the fun of building it yourself isn’t even an option that Bugatti or Tesla offer.