You can watch your favorite movies in one minute with these GIFs

With movies you've already seen, sitting through the whole thing again is a little bit much. Since you already know what's going to happen, you only need to see a few key sequences to get the same amount of enjoyment. A quick top off as opposed to a full refill, you know? Reddit understood that and developed a whole new genre of animated gifs: the full movie GIF, an entire movie distilled into a GIF shot.

The Full Movies GIF subreddit is private now but there are still a few floating around on the wonderful world of the Internet.


The GIFs above are only a few hectic and nausea-inducing frames of Aliens and Avatar because the full movie GIFs are pretty heavy, weighing in at around 10mb each. Daily Dot has compiled a few of our favorite full length movie GIFs here for your viewing pleasure.

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