You Could Accidentally Swallow the World's Smallest Circular Saw

Helping to dispel the notion that 3D printers are only really useful for making plastic trinkets, New Zealand’s Lance Abernethy is back with another impossibly tiny 3D-printed power tool that’s powered by an equally small hearing aid battery.


Using an Ultimaker 2, Abernethy 3D-printed his latest creation in four separate pieces that required just an hour to create because they were all so small. At half-a-millimeter thick the saw’s plastic safety guard isn’t exactly bullet-proof, but thankfully the tiny saw blade being used isn’t sharp and could really only cut through tissues or warm butter—if you were determined enough.

Eventually Abernethy plans to upgrade his teensy-tiny circular saw with a blade that actually has some cutting power. But before he can begin construction on his dream doll house, he’ll need to expand his miniature tool box with matching nail guns, cement mixers, and a tiny first-aid kit—just in case.

[YouTube via 3DPrint]


Denver is too damn high

Amazing but, I think it’s turning the wrong way.