This is the cutest (and possibly smallest) 3D printed drill in the world

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Lance Abernethy, a maintenance engineer from Auckland, New Zealand, 3D printed a cordless drill that measures 0.67 inches (17mm) tall, 0.27 inches (7.5mm) wide, and 0.5 inches (13mm) long and holds a 0.02 inches (0.5mm) twist drill. Not happy with that, he is already working on a smaller version.

Lance told

It took me 3 hours to solder and try and squeeze [all the parts] in. The wires kept breaking off when I was trying to connect them and it was a nightmare trying to hold them in place and try to not short the battery. I have seen claims of the world's smallest cordless drill and I know mine is smaller but it's not a confirmed claim.


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