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You Could Hang These Giant Family-Friendly Tablets on Your Walls

Illustration for article titled You Could Hang These Giant Family-Friendly Tablets on Your Walls

Is your home lacking a giant interactive slab of glass for you children to leave giant paw prints all over? Then the latest additions to Fuhu's Big Tab range, including 42-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch versions of its gigantic family-oriented tablet range, could be just the thing.


These are certainly not the kind of tablet you'll flick through the news on in bed; hell, they may even be bigger than your child. Instead, the idea is that they can be hung on kitchen or living room walls to provide a surface for children and adults alike to play an learn on—and, yes, watch some TV, too. Indeed, the touchscreen displays come with access to Google Play so Netflix is only a few clicks away. The devices all feature WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, and the 55- and the 65-inch models even have full ultra HD resolution. They'll be available in the second half of 2015, and the largest model will cost $4,000. [USA Today via Engadget]

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I feel like this is going to be used as a TV first and foremost, as long as it looks like a TV. Although you get enough apps in there, it could REPLACE the TV. But I think that it might be the first step towards something VERY neat.

And I'll be interested to see the apps for this thing as well, I can see it being used as a virtual fish tank or fake painting (like Back To The Future II), or a fake window (BTTF 2 again) or a fake mirror, or any number of things. The right apps and it would be fun enough to steal time away from TV.