You Could Slide a Truck Down This Monstrous 50-Foot Long Slip N' Slide

If the Slip N’ Slide had one failing (besides killing a strip of grass in your parent’s backyard or injuring riders) it was that your slippery ride was over in the blink of an eye. But with this gigantic 50-foot long alternative, your slide will at least last take three or four blinks, if not more.


This Slip N’ Slide isn’t an official Wham-O product, though, and that’s why it’s actually called the Super Sweet Slide instead. But what it lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in size. At 10-feet wide it can actually accommodate multiple riders at once. And the sides are lined with thick inflatable tubes to make the Super Sweet Slide a lot safer than Wham-O’s original design.

After it’s thoroughly dry the whole thing folds down to a giant cube that can be stored in a shed or garage, but you’ll need a couple of people to move it since all that PVC vinyl ends up weighing about 110 pounds. And surprising no one, the Super Sweet Slide is no where near as cheap as Wham-O’s original version. You’ll be spending just shy of $1,300 to put one of these in your backyard, plus the cost of the sod needed to get your lawn looking green again after your kids play on this for an afternoon. [Funair via Fancy]

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