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You Could Soon Be Using Photoshop Right From Your Web Browser

Today at the Adobe MAX event in Los Angeles, the software maker demoed a bunch of nifty new things they have brewing for future releases. One of the coolest was a web version of Photoshop that allows some pretty impressive image editing capability without the need to install any software.


The demo that was shown live to MAX attendees shows the manipulation of a few Photoshop files, including moving around layers, choosing colors, and changing blending modes. The surprise is just how snappy everything on screen was occurring, with almost no lag. Of course, once this thing is available to the pubic and being used in uncontrolled environments, results could be much more unstable. We don't yet know if this will work on any shitty computer, but it stands to reason that internet speed would be the limiting factor as opposed to horsepower. Don't get too excited though, because along with the other "Sneaks" that Adobe showed off, there is no known release date, or even promise that these features will see the light of day.


But as a demonstration of technology, Photoshop web editing looks pretty powerful. It leaves us wondering if it's related to last week's announcement that Photoshop would soon be able to work with Google Chromebooks. We have reached out to Adobe for comment, and will update this post when we hear back.

Check out the rest of Adobe's "Sneaks" on their blog.

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It's not quite photoshop, but Pixlr has a pretty robust web-based photo editor: