Adobe Photoshop Is Coming to Chromebook

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Google's Chrome OS will soon be graced with Adobe's Creative Suite, starting with streaming access to Photoshop.

According to an announcement on Google's blog, the Adobe Creative Cloud will now be "fully integrated" into Google Drive, allowing for seamless updates and easy downloads.

Photoshop will be the first service to make its way to Chromebooks and Google describes the application as a "streaming version," which runs straight from the cloud. However, the post says this is "initially" the first version, meaning maybe more plans are in the works. Adobe's termed this Chrome OS partnership as "Project Photoshop Streaming," a beta for select participants. Here's some of the features Adobe lists:

  • Creative tools: Streaming access to Photoshop with other products coming soon
  • Access from any Windows device with a Chrome browser or from a Chromebook
  • Learning tools: Access to Adobe Education Exchange learning content and in-app Learning panel called 'Learn Now.'
  • Project Photoshop Streaming Feedback and Forum support

The beta version currently only extends to North America-based Adobe education customers, so this could be a gambit for Google to strengthen its grip as the go-to choice for in-classroom technology, instead of Windows machines or iPads. [Google via The Verge]