You Don't Need a Hill When There's a Jet Engine Strapped to Your Snowboard

Adding to the near-infinite list of things you saw on the internet that you really shouldn’t try at home, YouTube’s the Hacksmith strapped a couple of jet turbine engines to the back of a snowboard and hit his Canadian snow-covered streets because when you’ve got a jet-powered snowboard, you don’t need a mountain.


The Hacksmith, aka James Hobson, might be the closest thing the internet has to a real-life Tony Stark. Using these compact jet turbine engines, which are readily available for purchase on the internet for powering RC planes, Hobson is actually trying to build his own flying Iron Man suit. That creation is still a long ways away, but in the meantime Hobson has found some fun uses for these engines.

The snowboard doesn’t quite hit the same speeds you’d reach careening down a mountain—these engines don’t come anywhere close to those that power a 747. But you also don’t need to wait in line to catch a ride on a chairlift for your next run. All you have to do is turn the board around, and hit the throttle again.




I’m just glad he’s not wearing a helmet. Helmets are for losers and nerds. Real men get skull fractures and massive brain injuries and then become a burden to their family who have to support them and wipe their asses while they sit in a corner drooling and shitting on themselves for 20-30 years.

Fuck yeah!