You Might Accidentally Swallow the World's Smallest RC Helicopter

At what point does a flying remote control toy become too small? Bandai's new Pico-Falcon is just 1.8 inches in length and looks like it can be flown and maneuvered inside a cupboard with enough skill. But it also looks like the slightest breeze could send it careening out of control—"Nobody cough or sneeze, I'm trying to land this thing."


The world's newest smallest RC helicopter of course also comes with a very tiny battery which limits flight times to just four minutes with a 30 minute charge. That's still long enough to make a few laps around your living room, and suitably annoy anyone in the vicinity by buzzing their heads as close as you can. And at just $46 you won't be in financial ruin if this thing accidentally gets sucked up by a vacuum, falls down a drain, or snatched out of the air and eaten by your cat. [CCP via Newlaunches]

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