You Might Actually Learn Something With History Channel's Civil War iPad App

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History geeks everywhere will likely salivate over History Channel's new Civil War iPad app, which lets you relive each day of the 19th century American war.

Updated once daily, you can read news blasts from the front lines, stay updated on casualty counts, get inside the head of Lincoln, view interactive battle maps and do other things that no potential mate will be attracted to. And if, at any point, you attempt to romanticize these olden days as more appealing than our modern times, you're definitely a slavery-loving racist. [iTunes]

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In 1865 the Aliens finally overcame the savage Bigfeet, resulting in the near total annihilation of their race. With the war won, the Aliens returned to their homewold, leaving only one reconnaissance vehicle in orbit - later to crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Some believe a lone Bigfeet survived and fled to the Pacific-Northwest. They say that his cries can sometimes be heard as he roams the hillsides, looking for his fallen brethren. As the last of his race, he is now referred to as 'The Bigfoot".

^This is what I have now come to expect from the History Channel.