As you're probably aware, with analog TV signals being killed off next year, you'll need a converter for old and crappy TVs. The government is offering up DTV converter vouchers worth $40 towards the devices, which you can get now. You should be running for yours now, right? Wrong! CNET gave us a few reasons to wait, and they're good ones.

The biggest reason is that the coupons expire three months after they're sent out, forcing you to run out and buy a converter now when you might be better off waiting. After all, there are currently no converters under $40, but there's an Echostar model coming out in the near future that's both better than what's out there now and costing $40. So don't get too excited and blow this, as it's a one time offer. But don't go forgetting, either. Alternatively, you could just buy an HDTV, but far be it from me to tell people to go out and spend that much money on something nonessential in these uncertain economic times. [CNET]


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