Sensing a trend here? Because I am. Yet another activity tracker has emerged from the bowels of CES.

Fitbug, a UK-based wellness company, is showing off its second generation activity tracker in the form of a tiny pebble called the Orb. It tracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled and pace. But instead of transmitting data via Wi-Fi, they've opted for Bluetooth that syncs your data in one of three ways. First, it actively streams your activity stats when working out in real time to the mobile app for you to see. Second, data can be sent at specific intervals set by the user. Third, users can push stats at will whenever they feel like it.


The Orb also tracks sleep and can be worn on the wrist, in the pocket or clipped on to whatever you feel like clipping it onto. Rather than a rechargeable battery, Fitbug has opted for watch batteries. Look for the Orb ($50) along with a heart rate monitor and Bluetooth-enabled scale ($80) this Spring.

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