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You Want to Believe, But This Kid Did Not Break His Phone With a Hammer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Did this cute towheaded kid really destroy his phone because he trusted his case too much? The viral video is almost too good to be true. We call bullshit.

The setup is perfect. A kid who no doubt considers himself to be the future of gadget blogging makes a video to show off the protective powers of his new phone case. To his surprise, his phone is shattered after he thwacks the case a few times with a hammer. The kid is crestfallen. He just broke his phone!

Ahhhh, but beware the sleight-of-hand here. You’ll notice that after the kid puts the case on the table, the camera moves upwards for no reason as the kid reaches for the hammer. The case drops out of the frame for a few seconds at about :09, during which an accomplice could have easily swapped out the working phone for one that had already been busted.


Also the kid’s reaction feels a little off, right? Like it’s maybe not entirely how you would react in that situation.

So far the video has been viewed close to 800,000 times and has been reported as the real thing.


Personally, I still think it’s semi-amusing even if the poor guy didn’t break his phone with a hammer. Everybody knows some jerk who has been too confident and ended up falling on their face. Here is that downfall in gadget form. So yes, it’s a fun video, but it’s also completely and totally fake.