You'll Come Out Of This Illusion Exhibit Questioning Everything

It's disorienting to walk into a room where nothing is as it seems. Your doctor might be grimacing even though your test results are fine. Or everything might look normal in your house until you realize that there's a cable outage and your internet is down. But if everything were an optical illusion you would probably just give up and go with the flow. Which is the whole point of the ILLUSION exhibit at Science Gallery in Dublin.

ILLUSION explores the intersection of art, science and psychology to show what the brain perceives and misunderstands. Pieces include "Supermajor" by Matt Kenyon (below), which appears to depict oil flowing back into cans against gravity; "Delicate Boundaries" by Chris Sugrue (above) which allows viewers to interact with "organic" shapes that seem to swarm around anything that touches a screen; and "Columba" by Roseline de Thelin (below), which uses manipulated fiber optics to create the outline of a human form.


The exhibit is free and runs until September 28th. There are also videos so people can experience the art if they won't be in Dublin anytime soon. Just be careful that your mind doesn't go from freed to unhinged. [Colossal]

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