It wouldn't be surprising if Apple made as much money selling replacement charging cables as it did phones and tablets. Those white Lightning cables are easier to lose than socks on laundry day, but now there's an alternative that will actually remind you to pack yours up when you've unplugged your phone.

The ChargerLeash looks and functions like a regular old Lightning, microUSB, or other charging cable. What sets it apart from the one included with your device is a small box halfway down the cable that basically functions like a very tiny car alarm. When you unplug the cable after charging a device, after five seconds it automatically sounds an audible beeping alarm reminding you to not forget it behind.


There are four versions of the ChargerLeash cable available that range in price from $23 to $35 for old and new iPhones, other modern smartphones, and a multi-tip kit for older devices. So while they're a little more pricey than Apple's replacement, in theory it could be the last one you ever have to buy since you may never forget it again. [ChargerLeash via iLounge]