You'll Want to Download Roadtrippers' Excellent New Trip-Planning App

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For anyone who's ever wanted to hit the open road and explore the ol' U S of A, this bud's for you. The friends of Gizmodo and all-around cool guys from Roadtrippers just released a big update to their iOS app. Go download it now.

The app makes it insanely easy to plan your trip. Set a starting and ending point, and it will give you a route, along with places of note along the way where you'll want to stop to eat, take pics, check out a kitschy tourist trap, or brush up on your history. You don't need to set up an account to explore, so if you're just curious about some kinda hypothetical trip, you can tool around with it on the app.

The interface is really nice too—fast, easy to use, making it super simple to plan your next voyage. Bonus points: it also has weather forecasts built in, so you can skirt around a big rain storm or go chasing the really nice weather if you'd like.


I'm even looking at it now to see what it turns up in the way of attractions around me right now. Apparently there are plenty of hidden gems for me to check out in the city I grew up in. Thank you, app. And now I also want to take a road trip. [App Store]