YouNeverCall Promises $10,000 to the First Cell Phone Caller from the Moon

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OK, it is a marketing scam, but a clever one, so we shall humor YouNeverCall. The press release states that $10,000 shall be awarded to the company/person that places a cellular phone call from the moon to YouNeverCall's HQ in LA.

The deadline for the galactic telecommunication antics is January 7, 2015. The call must utilize a commercially available cell phone and the caller must be available at the time to answer a few yes/no questions. So, if you plan on calling from the moon whilst you are dropping the kids to school, doing the shopping for your partner and arranging a dental appointment, forget it—you have to be free to chat before you can claim your useless earthly cash.

If that seems too tall an order, the first SMS received to one of YouNeverCall's corporate mobiles via the moon will attract $500 in reward money. Yes, the first caller to receive a call on the moon will also be gifted, but only a paltry $100 shall they be rewarded with. The ringer shall have to be set to that lovable Crazy Frog ringtone, as per the rules. Finally, it is clear why that bastard E.T. was really here; he was sent from the future to prep our cellular networks so he could go halves on the prize with his wrinkly girlfriend. What a tosser. [SMS Text News]