Your Bag Does Not Need, or Deserve, Its Own Chair

Illustration for article titled Your Bag Does Not Need, or Deserve, Its Own Chair

In what is a sure sign our generation has lost its way, those of you who've spent hundreds of dollars on a fancy messenger bag, backpack, or murse, no longer have to wince and whine when there's no other place to put it but on the dirty floor. This is just awful.


A company called Workiture, who I'm sure are lovely people who've just decided to capitalize on the spending follies of a few, have created the el BagPed, a chair designed solely for your bag. Yeah, you read that right. Made from cold rolled steel that's been sanded, TIG welded, and powder-coated in one of four industrial-looking colors, the el BagPed will set you back $199 when you spring for the optional polyester shelf underneath. That's $199 for a chair that's probably not even capable of supporting your own weight should you need a quick place to stick your skinny jean covered butt.

But I don't want to criticize something without providing a viable alternative. So if you're so worried about getting your bag even the slightest bit dirty, why not buy a larger, cheaper bag, and just keep it in there at all times? Alternately, why not consider just stopping acting like a tool? [el BagPed via Wired]



I have elephantitis of the nuts and I assure you my bag does deserve and need its own chair. Way to be insenitive, Andrew.