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Your Car Finally Gets the GoPro Mount It Deserves

Illustration for article titled Your Car Finally Gets the GoPro Mount It Deserves

There's nothing more resourceful than an amateur filmmaker on a budget, but these days there are more and more affordable tools that can make any production look professional. And while the VectorMount GoPro hood mount can't replace a Hollywood-style drivable film rig, it doesn't limit low-budget directors to just a static shot on a moving vehicle.


The GoPro is actually mounted to a rotating head on the VectorMount, with a swingweight hanging off the back. So when a vehicle is driving in a straight line, the camera is always looking directly ahead. But when it turns into a corner, centrifugal forces point the camera into the direction of the turn, providing a more dynamic way to capture the action.

For $250 the VectorMount is also just an extremely safe way to attach your GoPro to a moving vehicle, with a set of three locking suction cups and a lightweight aluminum frame that's less likely to be yanked off by inertial forces. [VectorMount via Notcot]

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When I saw this headline, I mistakenly read "cat" instead of "car," and I was quite literally thrilled.