Your Favorite Fan Boy Needs This Desk Designed for Apple Products

Do you ever sit there and wish your desk were better suited for your many gadgets? Seriously, that standard flat piece of wood you've been sitting at for years was not designed for computers, much less tablets or phones. But the SlatePro is.

This pure bamboo desk with hand-crafted steel legs intends to get your life more organized. The surface includes several display docks with holes underneath to accomodate charging cords where you can store tablets and phones, as well as a vented space in the middle for your laptop. (The vents keep it cool.)


There's also a spot for your coffee mug and area for mousepad that's recessed, so it's flush with the surface of the desk. Finally, a few pegs make for a simple magazine rack or letter holder. The desk can accommodate a variety of different gadgets, but based on the product photos, it looks like it's design for Apple products.


The desk, designed by iSkelter's Nathan Mummert, recently passed its funding goal on Kickstarter. The early bird specials are sold out, but you can still secure yours for $398 or $468. If all goes as planned, it'll arrive in May or June. Of course, bear in mind that you're dealing with a Kickstarter project here, not a furniture store, so there's always a chance the whole thing could fall apart. But since it's funded, the outlook is good.

Of course, nothing really beats this DIY mission control desk, though, does it? [Kickstarter]


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