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Your Favorite Magazines Are Coming to the iPhone

Illustration for article titled Your Favorite Magazines Are Coming to the iPhone

Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite powers some of the biggest magazines, including Wired and the New Yorker. Their latest iteration of the software brings some powerful new features—like alternative layouts—which means that it's now possible to build a one-size-fits all digital magazine that works on the iPad and iPhone alike. The first to take advantage of this? The New Yorker.


Any publication which uses the Adobe suite (and there are A LOT, including all of Conde Nast) will have these tools available to them starting today, which means that we should start seeing a lot of digital mags that were once iPad-only trickle onto the iPhone soon. [Adobe]

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Not sure how well this will work on a phone, but I just bought a subscription to Wired on my Nook Tablet - holy crap is that ten times better than print or what? I'm sold.