Your iPhone Is Now Your Car Keys

Five months ago, someone cobbled together a spoof video about an iPhone app that could remotely unlock and start a car. Oh, how we laughed. Now, take one guess at what Viper SmartStart, an iPhone app announced today, actually does.


The free app connects to a Viper SmartStart hardware module installed in your car, and controls five basic functions: It'll start your car, turn on the heat, unlock your doors or trunk, and manage the car alarm. The range is effectively infinite too, since all communication is carried out over cell networks—no line of sight contact necessary, not that the iPhone has the IR hardware for anything like that anyway.

This is without a doubt one of the coolest apps I've ever seen, but as always, glorious novelty comes at a price: while the app is free, the SmartStart car module costs at least $300, and annual service, after the first complementary year, is $30. [Viper]

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