Your iPhone Will Still Shatter If You Drop It From a Roof with This Super-Case

We've been impressed by G-Form's ugly, abuse-proof iDevice cases before: an iPhone was used as a hockey puck, and we beat the living hell out of an iPad. But the newest case didn't save my iPhone from horrific suicidal death.


To be fair, G-Form doesn't say you can go tossing your Extreme Grid-clad iPhone off of tall city roofs. But it did drop an iPad from space, so, like, this is sort of on them! If an iPad can withstand the rigors of low orbit, surely an iPhone can take a few floors in downtown New York?


Nope. The phone shattered into pretty much the smallest possible pieces of glass it can shatter into. Had it not been for the wooden replacement back I've used, that surely would've burst too. The iPhone was hemorrhaging glass. The metal antenna band was bent, the back plate popped off, and LED light was leaking everywhere—it looked like the finale of a Foxconn snuff film.

It's dead now—stashed away in a plastic bag where its shards can't hurt anyone else. Will we ever toss another iPhone off a building—or any phone, for that matter? Probably not. G-Form was our one shot, the one way we'd ever be able to let gadgets fly through the air onto pavement, as they've always seemed born for. If it couldn't happen like this, it won't happen at all. And if G-Form's $40 newest fails here, what can possibly justify its heinous, mecha-genital-wart design? Not my wrecked phone in a sandwich bag.

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Would the plural of roof be rooves?