Your Nasty, Nerdy Sexism Isn't Cute

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There are now two female staffers writing for Gizmodo, myself and Leslie Horn, and neither of us blew anyone for our job.

Some of you seem to be under the misguided impression that sexual favors are the only way a woman could possibly end up writing for a tech blog—wrong. And you know what? It's not just wrong, it's rude.

It's rude to come into our posts and say that the only reason we have the jobs that we do is because Gizmodo needed to fulfill some imagined gender quota. It's fucking rude to say that we're only writing for Gizmodo because we "lipstick shampooed" some guy's "jock" to "get our job." (Your over-evolved metaphor only further proves your immaturity; just say "blow job"!) But either way, if you say these things, you can bet your cowardly, juvenile ass you're going to get dismissed from the discussion.

Technology Is Not a Male Subject

It's not. Tech is a human subject. We all use all sorts of technology on a daily basis. In fact, an argument could be made that women use more tech than men do. You know what's a brilliant technology? The tampon. You know what else is? Condoms. The pill is a brilliant example of biotechnology. A pill that prevents you from getting pregnant! It is incredible! And ohmygod how about all the forms of implantable contraception. Technology, folks. That is also technology.

Do you like it when your girlfriend sexts you naughty pictures? She is using technology to do that! (Of course some of you reading this right now are female, and some of you women have boyfriends and others girlfriends, but I'm addressing the straight male readers right now, because they are the ones who've moved me to do so. And the idea of a self-hating woman Giz reader is simply too much for me to handle right now, and, quite frankly, an island unto herself.)

Let's jump inside your sexist mind for second—a place where women belong in the home while you, the "man", are off at work. There is SO MUCH technology at home. Vacuum cleaners. Hand mixers. TVs, stereos. Juicers! See? Even a ridiculously backward, sexist notion of a woman's place places her with a shit load of technology.

Have I made my point? It's that women use so much technology alllllll the time. Just as men do. Which apparently is always already assumed as fact. Hmphh.

If I Make a Mistake, It's Not Because I Have Ovaries

I can guarantee you that no mistake I have ever made in a Gizmodo post has anything to do with the fact that you have a penis and I do not. Errors of fact are not female problems. If you don't like what I have to say about the Galaxy S III, say, or the forthcoming iPhone 5—that, sweetheart, is on you. You don't have to agree with me! That is your right as a reader. Cherish it.

You have absolutely no obligation to agree with my opinions. I am but one human on a planet of many, and if you don't like what I have to say about something, that is so fine. You don't have to! I didn't write this to make you smile. I wrote it because I have an opinion and a platform and if you are jealous of that then please by all means start your own blog it's so easy now, and free.

This Is My Playground

Since I began at Gizmodo, I've written several pieces about the pink-washed gender constructs so present in the tech and gadgets we see today. Pink smartphones. Birchbox's strange, strict notions of what women enjoy versus what men want. Some of you seem to think I should let it go. That I've said my piece and it's time to move on. Nope.

While I'm working, this is my playground. I will bring you news, ideally as often as there is news to report. But, when I have the time and space and wherewithal, I will also bring you commentary and opinion. If this is displeasing to you, I don't really care.

It's important to acknowledge the cultural climate of an industry. It is so important.

If you disagree or find this boring, read a different post, or a different site! Because, if you truly think such subjects do not matter, then you probably don't have anything of value to contribute to the conversation anyway.