Your New Watch Doesn't Have Hands, Just Circles

Watchmakers Ziiiro have launched their two latest models, the Gravity and the Mercury, both of which share one distinctly futuristic touch: their hands have been replaced by glowing concentric circles. Good practice for when we all move to the Grid!

The watches, which look like some pie in the sky concept but are actually available for preorder right now, have a fat circle to indicate the hour and a thin one to indicate the minute. If you're looking for seconds, well, you're just asking too much. If you're still not sure how you feel about the new geometric time-telling scheme, you can practice with their similarly styled app.


The Gravity model has a patent pending silicone band that comes in six colors and can be mixed and matched with different color watch faces. The Mercury model sports a less untraditional stainless steel mesh band. Think of the former as the watch you'd be wearing in 2030 and the latter as, say, the 2020 model.


The Ziiiro Gravity is going for EUR 108.00 and the Mercury for EUR 134.00, both in a variety of colors. [Ziiiro via Designboom]

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