Your Next Collecting Obsession: Tiny TVs With Working Remotes That Play Clips From Popular Shows

Basic Fun!'s Tiny TV Classics will remind you of a time when TVs weren't so flat.

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Maxxed out on Funko figures? Run out of shelf space for elaborate Lego models? If you’re on the hunt for your next collecting obsession, Basic Fun!’s Tiny TV Classics aren’t just detailed miniature recreations of televisions from the past 60 years; each little set actually works, playing short clips from movies and TV shows that were popular from the era each TV hails.

Even if you grew up watching the original Batman live-action series on a giant wooden box with a tiny bulbous picture tube; or can remember watching your VHS copy of Back to the Future again and again on a TV sporting dials on the front and rabbit ears on top, there’s a Tiny TV Classics model that will scratch a nostalgic itch, and possibly make you more appreciative of the ultra-thin screens we use now.

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Image: Basic Fun!

The first wave of Tiny TV Classics includes four TVs with matching remotes that also work, allowing you to change the channel (which cycles through an included collection of short clips), adjust the volume, and even turn the TV off without having to reach several inches to press a button on the TV itself. Such convenience! Each TV only plays clips from a single show or movie, including Friends, Back to the Future, Batman, and South Park, and they should all be available at online retailers soon. Come October, they’ll be joined by four additional tiny TVs that play clips from Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, and Star Trek.

At $25 each, they’re not as cheap as collectible Funko figures, but each one does contain working electronics and a small LCD display, and they’re charming enough to be dangerously close to impulse purchase territory when all you’ve really popped into Walmart for is bread and milk.