Your Tax Dollars at Work: iPhones for Congress

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Right now, the dudes responsible for bailout bills, freedom fries and like, laws I think, carry the standard corporate drone equipment: BlackBerrys. To be precise, House of Representatives members and their staffs have about 8200 BlackBerrys between them. But for a few of the fancier ones, that's not good enough. They want iPhones. So the Chief Administrative Office is doing a trial run to decide whether or not it's worth setting up the necessary infrastructure, which wouldn't be cheap or easy, since right now everything runs on incompatible BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. If a House member opts for an iPhone, they would have to pay for it out of their Member’s Representational Allowance, though CAO would still have to handle and pay for everything on the admin side. If accepted, iPhones would be offered to incoming House members in January (would it come pre-loaded with the Obama app for Dems??). It would be something of a symbolic blow to RIM—just a day after Steve Jobs gloated that Apple has beaten them—since this is the first chip at the BlackBerry's ubiquity on the Hill. In D.C., whether you're a Democrat or Republican, you're on a BlackBerry. For now, anyway. [The Hill via TUAW]



I guess it makes sense when 3 of the 5 major smartphone systems are from the US, the US government might as well go with one of those.