"Your Whole Body Will Be Different Now"

Click to viewI love it when some random B-movie from the 1950s delivers a scene of such inventive perviness that it could only have been created in a sexually-repressive culture. Such is the case with this outrageous (and yet work-safe) scene from 1959 flick The Head, where mad Dr. Ood has grafted the head of a hunchback nun onto the body of a stripper (using Serum Z of course). After the operation, the nun-headed stripper approaches Dr. Ood with new desires . . . for things like cigarettes and porn. This is a genuinely standout B movie, with great over-the-top performances, a noir-ish plot, and surreal mad scientist sets from Hermann "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" Warm. Plus I haven't even mentioned that the whole thing hinges on that story about the Russian scientist who kept a dog's head alive with some kind of crazy machine. They have that machine in this flick — only with a HUMAN HEAD! But really, The Head hits it out of the park for all its blatantly fetishistic moments: C'mon, a nun in a collar who suddenly has a hot body and crazy stripper sex urges? Somebody back in 1959 had a nice little wank to that one, I'll guarantee. [The Head via IMDB]


Annalee Newitz

@goldfarb: I know! It totally sounds like weird medical porn or something. "I made you more . . . sensitive."