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YouTube Co-Founder to Launch Rival Video Site

Illustration for article titled YouTube Co-Founder to Launch Rival Video Site

YouTube already has its fair share of rivals on all sides, from Vimeo to Hulu. Now, though, one of YouTube's co-founders, Chris Hurley, is planning to create a rival of his own.


Hurley left YouTube, by then a part of Google, in 2010. Seems he's planning to try and pull at least part of the rug from under the video site's feet:

"I wish [South by Southwest] was a month later because I could unveil the new product,... [Which is] primarily video-based...and gives flexibility for people to work together and create content."


He went on to explain that he wasn't "setting up to kill" YouTube, but rather wanted to create a new website which was better suited to collaboration. It's not entirely clear what that might mean, but it sounds like it won't be too long before we find out. [AdWeek]

Image by Rego - under Creative Commons license

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I can't see how youTube is staying afloat, financially. It must be insanely expensive to maintain, and it doesn't seem to generate any revenue for Google. Same question about Twitter, actually.