YouTube Mobile Goes Live

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Somehow unnoticed by the press until now, Youtube's Mobile site at has gone pretty damn live. That's Youtube in 3gp file format, streaming to phones. Just like we wanted. Combined with the h.264 conversions for Apple TV and this, it looks like YouTube is branching out from Flash-Only support. And this pretty much clinches YouTube on the iPhone, although I wouldn't want to give that a try without the WiFi.

Illustration for article titled YouTube Mobile Goes Live

YouTube Mobile is a new, xHTML site optimized for your cellphone. The service will require your phone to be capable of video streaming already (RTSP/3GP with H263/AMR), but that shouldn't be a problem for most our techbling Gizmodo readers. Plus, using MMS, you can upload YouTube videos directly from your phone.

Were both of these functions possible in the past with the right setup? Yes. But broadcasting yourself (still sounds perverted) will be easier and faster than ever with YouTube's new streamlined interface.

YouTube Mobile [via thinkabdul]


jesus phone will work...wifi!