YouTube Throttles Video Lengths in an Anti-Infringement Gesture

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YouTube is getting scared of the copyright police, and has created a tiered system of use so that videos with a running time of over 10 minutes can only be posted by premium content subscribers. In a statement, YouTube said,

"We did some analysis of the videos in our system over 10 minutes in length, and we found the overwhelming majority of them were full length, copyrighted videos from tv shows and movies. However, we also recognize that there are legit content creators out there who may have videos over 10 mins, so we've created a Premium Content Program for those of you with professional-produced videos."

As if it took extensive analysis to come up with that conclusion. Maybe now copyright infringers will just post entire motion pictures in pieces, like they do now on the newsgroups. Well, at least now it looks like YouTube is trying to curtail piracy.

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