YouTube To Live-Stream Sports With Multicam—Howzat?!

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YouTube's signed a deal with the Indian Premier League to broadcast all Twenty20 cricket matches around the world, for free. It's not the most thrilling of news, but it's a healthy step away from being associated with live-streaming U2 concerts.


Not only will viewers be able to watch all 60 matches live, but they'll also be able to change camera positions, freeze and fast forward the slow bits (presumably if they're not watching it live). All of the best HOWZAT! moments will be saved in archives for replaying later, and of course it will be ad-funded, with revenues shared between Google and the IPL.

I'm not a cricket fan, so am not sure if the Indian Premier League makes for particularly gripping television, but presumably with this new feather in their cap, YouTube will be able to use it as leverage for attracting even bigger sporting events—maybe next year's Super Bowl? It's certainly a trend which looks set to be grow even bigger, with the recent news that Xbox Live will live-stream ESPN sports on the game console. But hey, I hope these companies don't forget about us non-sports people who don't know a tennis racket from a soccer ball. [Telegraph]

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