YouTube's Getting a Google+ Inspired Update

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YouTube's probably a pretty big (and wildly unproductive) part of your life. So it sucks that it's organized like a drunken blind guy's sock drawer. Google's trying to do something about that with a new and very pretty redesign available to select users, according to The Next Web.


The new design is focused around heavier Google+ integration and organizing all of your feeds and subscriptions into something more manageable than a face slap full of thumbnails every time you visit the homepage. Its visual style fits in with the rest of Google's recent redesigns and the kinda-recent Cosmic Panda update to YouTube's actual video player. It also simplifies (and good-ifies) some basic features, like giving the Fullscreen button a few options, or making recommended content pop out when clicked, so you don't get lost down the content rabbit hole quite so often.


It looks pretty good, but we're still not sure on the full details of the redesign and when we might see a wider release. We'll keep you updated as we find out more. [TheNextWeb]

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Nothing to See Here!

Unfortunately I have that.

I can't seem to find out how to make it so only my subscriptions show up on the homepage, so right now, I think it's a pile of shit.

I don't give a crap about what my 500 friends are up to. I just want to be updated on videos from my 300 subscriptions.