YouTube's Thumbnail Navigation Helps You Skip Past Lame Video Titles

The official site of cat videos, YouTube will be introducing thumbnail navigation to its videos. Soon you'll get to skip right to the guy getting hit square in the crotch with a mallet.

If you've moved the video playhead in Netflix or Hulu you've seen this type of navigation. Basically it shows a tiny picture of the video in relation to where the playhead is at in the timeline. As you drag the playhead, the video will generate a 10-by-10 "storyboard" of images in the viewer window.

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You know what, just check out the video Labnol made. That'll show you everything you need to know about the new navigation. The storyboard features is rolling out now, so if you don't already have it, it's coming. [Labnol via VentureBeat]

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Is anyone familiar with the way Redtube (sorry, it's the only site I've ever seen this used on) formats the video thumbnails? Basically, when you mouse over a video (so say when you search for something), it shows you a couple of screens from that video in the thumbnail (sort of like a gif), so you're able to know if the video you're going to click on is the one you were looking for. I'm not sure why Redtube is the only video archive site to use this, but I think it'd be really useful for Youtube to implement. I was kind of hoping the headline was implying this, but alas...