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Zappos Hacked to the Tune of Millions of Compromised Accounts

Illustration for article titled Zappos Hacked to the Tune of Millions of Compromised Accounts

Zappos has sold a lot of shoes and acquired a lot of fans over the past several years. But after announcing this morning that their user database has been hacked, they've also given out a lot of information.


Sister site was also part of the hack according to the Verge, which included the leak of names, emails, encrypted passwords, addresses, and the last four numbers of credit cards. Zappos won't say how many accounts were compromised exactly, but considering that they've gone and reset all 24 million user passwords, I'd venture a guess and say it wasn't good. Zappos also says that in no way were full credit card numbers compromised. Still though, to be safe, you may want to remove that payment info you have stored on the site. [Zappos via The Verge]

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I got the notice, followed the link (after checking to make sure the email was legit on Consumerist), got the password email back (it took a few minutes) and changed the password with no problems. I did not (and never do) keep credit card information on file at sites (unless its their own card), so it was not a big deal.