Zeebo Cheap 3D Game Console Launched, Gets Actual Publishers Support

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Just when you thought nothing could happen in the console gaming world beyond Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, here comes the cheap and cheerful Zeebo and launches in Brazil with actual titles from some big labels:

We are excited to partner with Zeebo on their visionary and ambitious global gaming initiative. The evolutionary combination of fast 3G wireless digital distribution and a simple yet elegant business model will open up new avenues to reach gamers directly with some of our top titles such as Street Fighter Alpha.


That corpospeak blurb is from Takeshi Tezuka, general manager of Mobile Contents Development at Capcom. Color me surprised. And Namco and THQ are also publishing titles. Apparently, the idea of distributing games easily—via the free 3G connection of the Zeebo—to millions of poor kids in emerging countries is an attractive proposition for these powerhouses.

I'm all for it. [Crunchgear]

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3D, 3G, actual games worth playing... change the controller and add a voice chat option and we are looking at a serious contender over here. The name sucks though... do you really want someone to overhear you saying "I gotta get home so I can play with my Zeebo?"