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If you're looking for the fanciest range hood of all time, the Zephyr Elica OM Glass Hood might fit the bill. The 31.5-inch vent hood is available in black, red or white and has electronic touchscreen controls right on the glass. Its remote control sits on any flat surface, and rotating it controls the fan speed. Tap down on its top and you can control the lighting in the vent hood.

We're liking the colorful and space-saving near-vertical on-the-wall style of these range hoods. Our favorite feature is the innovative RF remote with its gestural controls. That's an idea that might be used elsewhere. But if you want this range hood, it's not going to be cheap. Brace yourself, it's $3990.


Vent hoods by Zephyr - Elica OM glass hood - a remote controlled hood! [Appliancist]

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