ZeroPA Low EMF Hair Dryer: Be Afraid

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For those living in fear of unseen forces all around them, here's the ZeroPA Low EMF Hair Dryer, an electromagnetic frequency (EMF)-blocking blower that will keep those villainous magnetic fields away from your catastrophisizing hyper-vigilant chickenshit vulnerable brain. That's right, all of this technology around us just can't be good. It's all too easy, this technology stuff. There are rays, killer rays lurking in the shadows, ready to smite us. Indeed there are.


Thank goodness we have the ZeroPA to protect us from getting killed by a list of cancers and horrific things as long as your arm. Just look at them, they're all listed right there on the company's website. The ZeroPA blocks 95% of those murderous electromagnetic waves, keeping you safe and drying your "hiar" at the same time. However, we're a little skeptical of a product whose wordsmiths can't spell the word "hair."

Product Page [Unix Electronics, via treehugger]

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