Zivix Headliner Guitar Will Befuddle the Guitar Hero Haters

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Legitimate guitarists have a beef with Guitar Hero/Rock Band mainly because they make people think they can actually play guitar. But what of the Zivix Headliner, a real guitar that works with these games?


For about $250, designer Zivix will attempt to bridge the gap between these two warring factions by blending a real electric guitar with the button-mashing pseudo-music insanity that breaks out at my apartment after a few too many pints at the local pub. Ultimately, Zivix hopes that more than a few Guitar Hero/Rock Band masters will take the leap and actually make some real music with the Headliner.

No release date was given, but Zivix hopes to have this full size guitar on store shelves later this year. [Zivix via OhGizmo]

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As a real guitarist, the only beef I have with games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band is that they're a complete and total waste of time.. unless you're wasted and can't do anything better with your life. I won't disagree that people can find them amusing. The problem is if people spent just half the time learning to play a real instrument as they do playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band (and video games in general) they could actually be good at something rather than having a completely worthless skill. I CAN say this, it is far more entertaining and fulfilling to sit down with a real guitar, figure out a favorite song, and play through it with the song on in the background until your hands hurt. Come on people, do something useful with your lives.