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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Zombies Invade Turkey!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is what I'm talking about: The zombie craze is going global, and we're getting some awesome undeath from places other than Euro-America and Asia. I can't wait for ADA: Zombilerin Düğünü (Translation: Island: Wedding of the Zombies).

Sadly I don't know a lick of Turkish, so I can only extrapolate based on this trailer that we're getting your classic "zombies invade a wedding" scenario. Which is to say, it's a brand-new scenario I've never seen before. Only a gang of truly hardcore people, some of whom will be wearing blood-stained wifebeaters and earrings, can defeat the menace. Maybe there is some kind of toxic waste involved. Or possibly it's a metaphor for joining the EU? I can only hope.

Check out the movie website, via Arabolge.

UPDATE: Thanks to a helpful translator, I have a bit more information. The movie was directed by film critics Talip Ertürk and Murat Emir Eren. They claim this is the very first Turkish zombie movie. Apparently, they found their zombies via an announcement that they posted to Facebook .


ADA: Zombilerin Düğünü