Zorine the Queen of the Nudists and Alpha the Mechanical Man

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At the height of the Great Depression, the organizers of the 1930 San Diego Exposition thought that a horny robot and a vanguard of big-breasted nudist women might help cheer people up. "Zorine the Queen of the Nudists" and "Alpha the Mechanical Man" were two different exhibits appearing at the event, and history has left this priceless photo behind for us as a memento of their encounter. Where else could you find a robot with sixteen boobs?

Apparently "nudist" meant topless back in the 1930s, because those ladies definitely have something on down below, although Alpha appears to be fairly unclad. It just isn't clear what he's doing with his hands. Is he hiding some sort of a robo-boner? He sure looks happy to be there, at any rate, as do the buxom beauties surrounding him. Although they'd quickly change their tune when he decided to kidnap one of them for some robotic sexytime.