Zune 2.0 Details Leaked

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A Zune Worker and unmarked Zune Scene Editor walk into a convention center. The Zune scene editor says, "What do you do?" The trusting Microsoft employee says, "I make Zune."

And this is how the story of how Zune 2.0 and the Flash Zune, AKA little Zune, were leaked. Here are the details.

•Zune 2.0 and the Flash Zune will be out this year.

•Zune 2.0 is like Gen 1 but thinner.

•Larger HDD, same doubleshot finish.

•Flash Zune is 3 by 1 1/4 by 1/4.

•Flash Zune is video capable

•Flash Zune's screen covers 75% of the front

•Flash Zune will have Wi-Fi

•Flash Zune will have doubleshot

•Design phase is over, but some tweaks to hardware will occur.

•2.4 million next-gen Zunes will be made before 2007's holiday season, and that 2/3 of em are the Flash Zune players.


Amazing espionage and good fortune by Zune Scene agents. Unconfirmed, of course.

Zune 2.0 and Flash Zune Details Leaked [Zune]

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frink — I agree. But this is the first time there's been confirmation on the roadmap and timing, even if its unofficial. You're smart to be unimpressed.